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We purchased the Living Urn system to honor my husband's love of nature and outdoor activities. The system was easy to use and arrived quickly. The spruce sapling was healthy. We planted the spruce in his hunting grounds
This was one of the most positive experiences I have ever had. From the first call I made to place my order, customer service was great and the guy was so helpful and understand of my needs and wants. I received the urn set first and the tree arrived two days before it was time to plant so that it would be vibrant and healthy. I'm so glad I decided to fulfill my dad's wishes since trees were his fascination and he always wanted to be with the trees, now he is!!! I chose a beautiful red maple to stand out ?. Thanks #TheLivingUrn for making everything a pleasant experience.
S. Stremmel
I wanted to write and personally thank you for making such an amazing product. My wife Jane and I were high school sweethearts, married at 18, and were married for 52 years until she passed after a long battle with cancer. I was devastated and didn't know what to do and how to honor her until my grandson told me about the Living Urn - wow! This was the perfect memorial! Jane is now growing into a beautiful tree in our backyard and generations can remember what a great person she was. The tree looks amazing and I'm at peace now knowing that she's with me at home. I have attached a picture of the tree. Again, thank you Living Urn.
I lost my Mom in August it was very unexpected. It was devastating my whole world fell apart. I was with Mom a lot, we talked everyday several times a day. She lived just right down the road from me. I can't get home without passing her house. The morning came when my brothers and I had to me her arrangements. We knew she wanted to be cremated but we wanted her viewed for closer so we did both. The funeral director which was a friend of our family started telling us about all of our different options to have lasting memories. We had some of her ashes put into necklaces, her fingerprints on a necklace for the kids and the living Urn my brother and I got and we love them. I love having a piece of her growing in my front yard. I can watch her grow and bloom. It's AMAZING it's the best thing we could have ever done! I'm so thankful that Pile Funeral told us about all the different options. Thank you for planting another tree in her memory as well Thank You Beverley Burrus
Beverley Burrus
I have had a wonderful experience with the living urn. Not only the kit itself and easy to follow instructions but with the helpful staff through emails and phone calls. It was very emotional planting the tree with my father's cremains but as I look at it everyday I feel so thankful and grateful that there was a way for me to feel he is with me forever. My dad loved nature and trees...he had planted many pines himself at his home. I chose a Redwood Dawn pine for him to grow with and to become part of.
Gina Biondo
My daughter, Angela, expressed her desire to be a tree upon her passing. After intensive investigation into available options, The Living Urn allowed our family to honor her wishes. The system was easy to use and we are given the comfort of knowing she would be pleased. Thank you Living Urn!
Cindy Nichols
My husband was on a waiting list to receive a heart. So we had discussed his wishes if anything were to happen. Unfortunately his heart quit working before we were able to complete the transplant referral process. He didn't want to "be in a box in the ground." We both decided cremation was our preferred option. My niece had heard of people planting trees with the ashes of their loved ones, so after his death, I began my internet research. There are slot of places to help people do just that, but The Living Urn provided me with a ecologically safe and affordable option. Couldn't ask for an easier process. We opted to buy a large tree to plant and had our small family memorial as we did. Thank you The Living Urn for allowing me to have a constant reminder of my husband and the love we shared.
Amy Weathers
We choose a hydrangea tree to plant with the urn containing my daughter's ashes. The directions were clear and easy to follow. We should see the flowers next spring/summer. They should change colors and last throughout the season to remind us of Laurels vibrant spirit.
Dianne VanGemert
We lost our both our pups to cancer just 17 months apart. They both loved hiking and being outdoors so when I recently heard about The Living Urn I knew exactly what I wanted to do with there remains. They are now outside both as beautiful rose bushes, the picture of the boys are with the first roses to bloom just a couple of weeks ago...thank you all at the Living Urn
Ray Rangel
Thank you guys for the whole Living Urn concept. It really made for a very profound and sweet way for us to preserve my Dad's ashes close to our home. We feel more connected and at peace this way. As you see, our Crepe Myrtle seedling is just starting out, we planted at beginning October using the living urn additives and urn. I'm very hopeful the tree has optimal conditions to grow well.

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