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Most Common Questions

Do I need to use all of the cremated remains? Or, can I just use a portion of the cremated remains?

I have cremated remains here at home that are several years old and I was thinking about using The Living Urn with them. Can I use The Living Urn with old cremated remains?

I want to use The Living Urn at my home, but what if I move?

Can I plant in a pot?

About The Living Urn

What is The Living Urn?

Who developed The Living Urn?

Is The Living Urn patented and trademarked?

How does The Living Urn bio urn and planting system work?

What do I get when I purchase The Living Urn?

Why is The Living Urn Bio Urn and planting system the best choice?

Is The Living Urn all natural and environmentally friendly?

Does The Living Urn or any of its components have an expiration date?

The outer bamboo shell is beautiful - what is this used for?

What is the purpose of RootProtect?

Do I need to plant the seedling provided with my Living Urn, or can I plant something else with The Living Urn?

I want to purchase The Living Urn Bio Urn and Planting System for myself - how does that work?

Trees and Planting

Why is it better to grow a memory tree from a seedling instead of a seed?

When will I receive my tree seedling?

What is the guarantee on the tree seedlings?

If I buy The Living Urn now, can I have the tree seedling shipped at a later date?

Once I receive my tree, how long do I have to plant it?

Can I plant a potted tree from a local nursery with The Living Urn Bio Urn and Planting System?

Can I plant flowers or bushes instead?

I would like a tree not listed on the website - can I special order that from your nursery?

I live in an area of Canada that has an unusual climate - do you have any resources I can look at to learn about tree choices?

How large is the tree seedling that I will receive?

Cremated Remains

How much of the cremated remains do I need to use with The Living Urn Bio Urn and Planting System?

Can I buy The Living Urn Bio Urn and Planting System to use now with cremated remains of a loved one that I have stored for years?

Do I need to touch the cremated remains or mix them in The Living Urn Bio Urn and Planting System?


When will The Living Urn Bio Urn and Planting System arrive?

I understand The Living Urn and tree seedling will ship separately - when will my tree arrive?

What if I want to plant outside of the shipping window for a memorial service - what can I do?

Other Questions

Is it safe and secure to purchase on webpage?

May I be a distributor of The Living Urn Canada?

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